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the all "new" crossover nylon stringed model. Well the shape of the guitar is the SRB steel string guitar. I have for a long time wanted to transfer the shape I already had to the nylon stringed side. I just knew that it would work fine. And here is the result. A very comfortable guitar to sit with and the sound is just as stunning as the looks. The neck is as standard 48 mm wide at the zero fret and the neck shape is a slick C- shape. For the steel string players who want a nylon stringed guitar and who would like to be able to play and express him or herself in a new way, try out this beautiful guitar.*

* the guitar on the pictures have a cutaway as an extra option



Top                                                           Sitka spruce or ceder

Back and sides                                         East-indian rosewood

Neck                                                         Mahogany

Fretboard                                                  Ebony

Bindings                                                    East-indian rosewood

Linings                                                      Black/white/black

Bridge                                                       East-indian rosewood

Rosett                                                       Bl./w./bl. /abalone

Neck width at zero fret                             48 mm

Neck width at 12th fret                             59 mm

Stringwidth at bridge                                55 mm

Body depth at lower bout                         105 mm

Body depth at upper bout                         95 mm

Body width at lower bout                         380 mm

Over all length                                         1020 mm

Stringlenght                                             650 mm

Finish                                                      Satin neck and body

Inlay                                                        Abalone butterfly

Tuners                                                     Schertler gold

Strings                                                    D'Addario EJ46

Case                                                       Hiscox pro

Extra                                                       See ”options”

Price (incl. swedish tax)                         37500 sek

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