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Cases for

all ROOTS models

Roots cases

These cases are specially designed for the ROOTS models. I wanted a case that fits the guitars in both looks and feeling. I choose a creme leather imitation with brown edges and gold hatches. The construction is a five ply to make it very strong. 

The inside has a beautiful dark green crushed velvet to give there case a classy look.


Custom cases

I have used the Hiscox cases for well over 30 years, and I think they are the best cases around. They are very light but can take over 500 kilo of weight on top of it. They fit my guitar models very well. The inside has a shape that are more straight than other cases and cushions are holding the guitar safely. So if the the case will get a blow from the outside there is a deformation zone around the guitar. You can read more about the cases on 

If you order one of my custom series guitars this case will be no extra charge.

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