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Option list for Custom series.

Purchasing a hand-built instrument means you are getting something quite unique. At Sanden Guitars we make the guitars one by one, and thus every guitar is a “one-of-a-kind” instrument. You may want a standard hand built instrument or you may want to choose from our list of options and add-ons. Please view full list of options below.

What do our prices suggest for custom series?

The prices for my guitars and options are given in Swedish kronor (SEK) and refer to the cost for the instrument. The price for a custom hand built Sanden Guitar starts at 37 500 SEK (incl. a Hiscox pro case and local tax). On top of that you will have to calculate options and shipping. Depending on what part of the world you order your guitar from, and where you want it shipped to, there will be additional costs due to taxes, customs duty, transports and other regulations of trade. Please contact me to get a full view of your order cost.

Local tax is included.

The fanned-fret

The fanned-fret is made up with two different scale lengths. We make it with a 650 mm and a 680 mm scale length. This system allows you to tune the guitar in all kinds of tunings all the way down to at least C. Please note that the fan-fret system cannot be combined with True Temperament but on the other hand you can get the fan-fretted system in all our models. Read more about fanned-fret on

price: 3500 SEK

Open head

Put that old style machine heads on and get a completely new look on the guitar. We prefer to use the Schertler tuners but if you want something else we try to get it, provided it works with our design. Available on all my models. The Schertler is no extra. Waverly see pris below.

price from: 2500 SEK

Abalone trim

Add a shiny, stunning look to your guitar by putting a 2.5 mm trim of real abalone shell around the top. As a standard we use abalone in our rosettes, so this makes it a perfect match. Available on all our models.

price: 3000 SEK


My  cutaway is perfectly designed not to interfere with the sound. Still deep enough to reach the top frets. Available on all my models.

price: 3000 SEK

Koa wood

I offer a wide range of different wood for back and sides. Koa wood is one of the most popular types, providing a very nice midrange tone as well as sophisticated looks.

For additional information about wood for back and sides, please mail me.

price from: 5000 SEK

Top wood

As a standard I use solid Sitka spruce on my guitars, which I think delivers a well balanced sound with a long sustain. However, we also offer German Spruce and Cedar as options. The German spruce gives the guitar a slightly warmer sound and less attack. The Cedar on the other hand gives the guitar more attack and less sustain.

price: 1500 SEK

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