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The Sanden Guitars is all made out of solid wood that is perfectly quarter sawn. This is to get maximum sound out of the guitar. However this means that the instrument is sensitive to the humidity. When I build the guitars I do that in humidity controlled workshop. I keep it a little dryer than normal, 40-45%. The ideal humidity for the guitar is 50%. During the winter the humidity cold be as low as 20% and during the summer it can reach over 80%. When the humidity is high the instrument swells up and when it is low the instrument will shrink. To keep the guitar safe from cracking, keep it as often as you can in the case. When the humidity goes under 35%, put in a humidifier and when it is over 45% you can take it out again. This applies for all instruments with solid wood.
If the guitars body and neck get dirty. Wipe it of with a clean rag, and then use Sanden guitar polish to get the shine back. Use only polish on high gloss guitars. The fretboard and bridge is oiled and here it is good to use paraffin oil. Once a year is more than enough.
If your guitar needs to have the stringheight adjusted, please contact me first and I will instruct you along the way.
Keep this in mind and you will enjoy your guitars for years.
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