the mandola


The R16

has the same size as the R14 and R15. But here it is made as a mandola. Many years ago I built a similar mandola to Sofia Karlsson and it has become my most well know instrument. So when I started with the R14 it just felt natural to go on and reintroduce the mandola again, now in the costume of the Roots series.

With the cast aluminum tailpiece it is possible to use regular guitar strings with ball ends. Here in the picture the R16 is stringed up with and nylon bas string to give the instrument a bigger and fatter bas.

Together with the beautiful Sanden hardshell case, and the LR Baggs element pickup as options, this is a combination to take right into the modern folk scene.

Listen to Sofia and her Sanden mandola. It is the same size as the R16 but just with a lot of extras.


Top                                                          Sapele

Back and sides                                       Sapele

Neck                                                        Sapele

fretboard                                                  Ebony

Bridge                                                      Ebony

Rosett                                                      Herringbone

Neck width at zero fret                            36 mm

Neck width at 12th fret                            47 mm

Stringwidth at bridge                               48 mm

Body depth at lower bout                       105 mm

Body depth at upper bout                       90 mm

Body width at lower bout                         330 mm

Over all length                                         940 mm

Stringlenght                                             610 mm

Finish body                                              Gloss tobacco sunburst

Finish neck                                               Satin finish

Inlay                                                         Sanden logo

Tuners                                                      Golden agr bronze

Price                                                        14300 sek


Sanden hardshell case                           1300 sek 

LR Baggs element pickup                       2200 sek