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This is a R42 with the typical sloped shoulder specifications. Full body tobacoo sunburst and a full sapele mahogany body. A 14 fret neck and a solid headstock, with the stylish Sanden logo and Schertler black tuners. This guitar is a killer when it comes to sound (and looks if you ask me) The deep bas together with a very solid mid makes this guitars the ultimed backup guitar.

  • Specifications

    Top sapele mahogany
    Back and sides sapele mahogany
    Neck mahogany
    fretboard ebony
    bridge ebony
    headveneer ebony
    Tuners Schertler
    width at zero fret 44 mm
    width at 12th fret 55 mm
    Stringlength 630 mm
    Strings D'Addario EXP16
    Sanden case 1300 sek