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The fretboards and necks on a Sanden guitar are available in a lot of different variations. The stringlength varies from 580 mm 710 mm depending on model. The neck shape is available in V, D and C shape. I also have as a standard, a zero fret on all my guitars. I know that this gives the guitar a better balance. There is always metal in contact with the string. It gives the guitar better intonation, you always get the perfect string height and it does not wears down as fast as a bone nut.

True Temperament (click to read more)

Since a few years back I have been using the True temperament fretting system on our guitars as an option. Instead of just using the compromise by intonate the saddle, with the TT system the whole fretboard is intonated. This means that the higher up the neck you play the more in tune you will be. I use the Thidell formula 1 fretboard. Sanden guitars has the sole right to use this system on acoustic guitars in Sweden. For more information about the True temperament system please visit there website at

Fan fret

The fan fret is a combination of two string lengths. I use 650 mm on the high E string and 680 mm on the low E. The guitars works well in standard tuning but you get the full benefit of this system if you use different tuning. It is possible to go as low as A and still get a good steady balance of the guitar. It is not possible to combine the TT system with the fan fret. For more information about our fretboards please contact us.

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